Taking proactive measures for efficient delivery

Periodic review to inculcate a 360 ° view of every situation in a project
This review process occurs within different time frames based on project criticality and complexity. The aim is to review key deliverables, team alignment, and timely and effective delivery of project.
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For any project to sustain in a predictive way to ensure the core 3 triangles of scope, time and budget remains predicted, there must be a structure to see beyond numbers. Unlike many others – we don’t just look at numbers.

The aim of the review is to measure to the “Completeness” and the Experience.
To do so, we involve key stakeholders who drive the project as well as some of the neutral but well experienced members from other teams to take a look at the results and eliviate the project situation to a greater satisfaction level.

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Looping in Clients in the Review Process

We know an internal review gives us on side of the picture. However, successful offshore projects always require client attention, especially when you’re measuring success or failiure.


Identify Internal & External Risks Elements

With clients involved in such an evaluation, the team can also get to know some of the risks from client end too which generally are not shared initially.


To Ensure projects are on track and schedule

Planning based on current situation is more relevant than a plan that set from day 1 of the project – allowing adaptibility and practical approach.


Ensure entire development cycle is smooth

By ensuring the engineers and designers are the team on the ground, and when they have predictive results to produce, the quality becomes better.

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