Project Execution Process

Our project execution strategy accounts for all types of projects, whether you’re starting small, growing systematically or already entrepreneurial. Our approach towards each project is categorized and well balanced to every client's requirement.
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Working Methodologies

Waterfall Method

For Constrained Budget

Very clear scope and stable set of requirements that isn’t likely to change throughout the project

Agile Scrum

For Evolving Scope/Hired Team

The scope is defined very briefly and the requirements are very likely to change throughout the project

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How to Engage?

Every project is unique – and hence requires a dedicated and special treatment. Besides the critical triangle of cost, time and scope, the working model between the ‘client’ and the ‘agency’ also plays a crucial role in balancing the former. That’s why we have clear and robust project execution models which are very flexible and client-centric at their core. But before embarking on any project, whether it’s a simple website or a more complex software development, it is important we help you employ the ‘correct’ project execution model.

“A project might be completed without the use of a project execution process, but most times, the absence of one leads to the failure of it”.

Waterfall or Agile? The right process for you!

Out of the numerous project management methodologies available, we make use of the two rather popular methodologies. The Waterfall Methodology, and The Agile Methodology. Each of these methodologies has the specific type of projects they are best used with. Identifying just the right strategy and execution model based on project characteristics is a crucial decision that our team of experts helps you make.

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