Frequently Asked Questions

We have a highly talented team of developers who can build great Mobile Apps and Websites. When we started in 2009, we began with web development services. Since then, we’ve come a long way. Over the era of more than a decade, we have been a class apart when it comes to web development and mobile app development services, and now we have hands-on AI/ML.

Yes, absolutely. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) right before any discussion. We always keep every idea of yours very confidential and safe with us. We ensure that sensitive conversations are only held on private platforms.

The ownership and the code of your application and software solution will belong to you. Though, we also add those terms in our NDAs’ and SLAs. In case, if you want a partnership or joint venture, then we will offer you other options.

Yes, BMVSI offers various hiring alternatives, including fixed, hourly, part-time, and full-time hiring models, and we will recommend the option that best suits your needs based on the requirements of your project.

We will assign the appropriate resources for your project based on the objectives of your application and the recruiting strategy you have chosen.

Of course, if a specific team or developer has contracted for your project, they will undoubtedly remain committed to your brand until the project gets complete.

100%. You have the option to do that. In any case, if you are unable to commit some time, our expert staff can assist you.

Yes, we will designate a point-of-contact person to oversee your project and give you regular updates on its progress. You are welcome to question him about anything.

Hey, this is the digital age! A quick swipe will connect you. During working hours/days, developers will be accessible on Skype and other platforms of your choosing to respond to your inquiries, and they will stay in touch.

Yes, we utilize project management systems like Gitlab, JIRA, Trello, and many others that we will be sharing with you. You may use this tool to track your project’s daily development.

Yes, we are always open to revisions or modifications after launch. We consider it an aspect of our job and include terms for application following support when building contracts.

Yes, after project completion we provide additional support by signing SLAs. Please feel free to contact us if you encounter any technical difficulties.

We can, yes. You can employ us solely to write program code or vice-versa.

Certainly. Upon commencing the process, we share our holiday schedule with you. We will also let you aware a week before any public holiday. In case of any emergency, we provide complete support whether there is a public holiday.

In the world of contemporary technology, staying modern is a need. We recognize the need of being updated, but we also make it a point to keep up with insignificant knowledge like communication trends, technological advancements, version revisions, etc. To learn more about the same, we regularly hold internal and external training programs and take part in online courses.

Yes, If a developer is temporarily unable to work due to illness, an emergency, or planned leave, we always keep a backup plan and provide you consistent support as per the needs and timelines.

Both of us are concerned about security. A very robust firewall that keeps outsiders out & protects each one of our servers. Your data and code are 100% safe while stored on our servers since we forbid any personal storage device or cloud storage access in our network area. We also have a clear IT policy that sets out strict guidelines for preventing illegal software installation with workgroup setup, personal device provisioning, and remote access protection.

We do, in effect. Immediately after approving your request for a project extension, we will collaborate to develop the SLAs before moving on to the implementation and support you require.

Every thought is worthwhile since everything begins with an idea. We are well aware of this and take great care to protect your idea’s confidentiality. We formally agree to do so by signing an NDA before having any communication. To prevent data from being shared without permission, We take strong security and confidentiality safeguards even throughout web or mobile app development projects. We have contracts with every one of our employees, including the software development teams, as part of our commitment to maintaining security and trust.

Our development process is quite simple. Following the initial requirement, we create a blueprint that precisely outlines your needs and establishes a schedule that has been agreed upon timeline. We have an excellent track record of staying on schedule and finishing jobs quickly.

A project’s specific requirements and goals establish its quality standards. Additionally, certain generic quality criteria, such as functionality, usability, reliability, efficiency, maintenance, testability, security, and compliance are frequently used in software development projects and are closely followed by us.

It’s also crucial to remember that your company or sector may have unique quality requirements or rules. It is essential to set a standard and ensure the entire team is aware of it. Regular testing and quality control are also necessary to guarantee that the quality parameters are maintained.

By adhering to the guidelines, we establish your chosen communication channels to maintain ourselves on the same path as you. Our point of contact person will share real-time updates with you as part of a very effective and open workflow approach.

Yes, of course. We have different pricing models which completely depend on your requirements and needs. We always have been budget-friendly to our customers in terms of project timelines, pricing models, communication channels, and support after the completion of the project.



If the relevant documentation and a concept are prepared, we may begin working on NDAs and SLAs’ immediately, following the conditions, and rapidly move on to the design and execution stages. The rest of the process stays the same.

Our varied distinctive qualities and ethical standards set us apart from the competition. Among them are,

  • Culture & Capabilities
  • Engagement, Trust, Care
  • Healthy Work Environment
  • Distinctive Business Offerings
  • Transparency & Communication
  • Perceived Workforce, and their Morals
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