Dedicated Engagement Model

Create your own project based team for evolving scope
With multiple engagement models in place, we noted a factor considered by our 300+ clients while choosing the RIGHT MODEL via expert consultation really makes a difference, believe it or not!!
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“Dedicated teams or HIRE Model approach in simple terms is about choosing and creating your own team to work on your software development project so that you remain focused on core business areas. You can hire them on a full time, part-time or hourly basis, from a single developer to a team of developers, that shall be working independently or in conjunction with another team(s).”


From our 13+ years of experience, we can guarantee that this approach increases efficiency, quality and timely delivery of the project by a great deal.

What we provide? Our Hiring Models

To meet various project needs for any size of business, BMV Sytem Integration offers full-time, part time and hourly hiring for dedicated development projects. Choose the engagement models that results in meeting various business demands.


Onsite Dedicated Team

We offer onsite staffing services for clients and businesses abroad to fill gaps in the development cycle. Our presence can be temporary, frequent or full-time during the development life cycle.


Offsite Dedicated Team

Hire your selected developers from us and kick-start your project in the fastest possible time from our development center. Have full control over the team with expert consultation via a cloud team.


Product Development Team

This is nothing but expanding your own team with our vetted experts who offer support for your product to release it successfully through coordination of tech aspects and process flow.

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Advantages! Things You Will Always Love to Have

Direct Communication

You will get complete access to talk with the chosen developers at all times through Skype, email and phone with scheduled audio/video conferencing to overcome the communication barrier.

Your Team, Your Selection

Choose your own team of developers through vetted process of screening and interviews. We will present you the resumes of the most appropriate candidates to select from.

ZERO Upfront Investment

We will help you onboard your own dev team with ZERO cost upfront considering infrastructure, hiring and staffing. You will only need to pay for the engagement period with us.

100% Project Control

You will have full control over the hired software experts from BMV System Integration. They will work directly with you or your team to plan, develop, deliver the product that meets business needs.

Plug 'N Play

Build your team virtually in no time. You have the flexibility to scale up & scale down the team as per the need via a notice just a month before, to optimize the costs and engagement per resource.

Transparent Ecosystem

We maintain integrity with all our clients to deliver the best experience with a vision of long term business relationship. We offer reporting on a daily, weekly, & monthly basis to help clients plan the release.

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