Remote Medical Care Mobile Apps Development

During and after the pandemic, the Healthcare Industry vowed to be with everyone virtually as it was a key essential for every individual.

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Project Overview

From clinical management to more efficient patient treatment, We are a custom healthcare software development company that uses technology-powered solutions to uplift every single element of healthcare.

An innovative, easy-to-use solution that helps payers improve health outcomes through a real-time change in condition alerts and intelligent monitoring of member population health analytics.

Care Insights provides caregivers with easy-to-use technology to capture in-home changes in condition, Home Environment, creating additional visibility at the member, and Risk Cohort.

HCE Platform Enables Ease

BMV’s bestowed, Web-Based Scheduling, and Management Software allows agencies to manage and grow with confidence.

With Robust Scheduling, GPS Mobile App, Hospitalization Tracking and Metrics, Medication Reminders, Payment Processing with next-day funding, Billing/Payroll Integrations, Custom Forms + Reporting, and more…

BMV’s Health Home care access is the easiest-to-use scheduling software in the Home Care Industry.

  • Enable Faster Scheduling & Billing
  • Grow your Business & Improve Outcomes
  • Track Patient Trends & Reduce Read Missions
Challenges of Home Care Industry
Patient Priority & Safety
Clinicians’ Concerns
Supporting Infrastructure
Regulatory Environment
Personalized Care
What We Build

A total of three portals in web development allow users to register and choose the services with their contract and renewal process.

Portals for HCE Development
The Master Portal
The Agency Portal
The Caregiver Portal
Key Features and Benefits of HCE Products

Home care experts provide a wide range of services and support with their daily activities and personal care needs. Here are some key features and benefits of home care experts:

Relational Care
Reduction in Costs
Greater Independence
Committed to Quality and Safety
Supports your Hiring and Onboarding Process
Shift details & Relief for Family Caregivers
Prevents Avoidable Trips to the Hospital
Technology Stack
Design Systems

Three primary brand colours are employed to create a simple, user-friendly interface that draws attention to key tasks and capabilities.

Color Palettes



  • Poppins
  • Regular
  • Bold
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