Digital Transformation & Process Automation in Global Waste Management System

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The Approach

The global industry is undergoing major digital transformations with RPA, AI/ML, and the Internet of Things (IoT) & its underlying technologies.
Today, as we know “Future is Automation”, the digital transitions are crafting a new era that impacts global governance and human behaviour.

The need for a weighbridge/scale ticket management system in waste management facilities supporting digital engagement across departments, Generates Invoices that are automatically linked to your multiple accounting systems, and Reduce Manual Engagement and timeline errors is important.

Performing data entries of identical scale tickets in multiple software & databases manually increase workload, high chances of data loss, unsettled work daily, and human errors.

Some Challenges Faced by the Industries Without a Scale Ticket Management System

  • Human Errors : Processes involving dozens of manual steps result in typos or miscalculations, which lead to errors that may decline production.
  • In-Efficiency : Rigorously working and tackling daily tasks results in inefficiency and decreases productivity, by which the focus completely changes from actual work time slots to the declining graphs.
  • Difficulties in data analysis and reporting : Manual record-keeping makes it cumbersome to analyse and extract meaningful insights from the collected data. Industries may struggle to generate comprehensive reports, identify trends, or make data-driven decisions without a streamlined ticket management system.
  • Manual Workload : Work performed manually impacts productivity with huge chances of errors, and with this, the workload increases and hampers the stability of the resources.
  • High Chance of Data Loss : Small mistakes while performing pending tasks manually lead to data loss. The tasks performed in a manual way will lead to errors, and later those errors will create chaos with huge data losses in the databases.
  • Overlapping work : More human intervention leads to task overlapping and duplication as the records are not handy. The actual data should be clearly visible among the resources working on the same premises.
  • Increased Pending Work : Due to inconsistency, the workload increases, which results in mismanagement, and resources are unable to complete the work on the real timelines as they lack efficiency, which leads to stability.

The Solution in Scale Ticket Management System

Weigh Bridge Management Platform can efficiently and accurately generate invoices, inbound and outbound tickets, handle purchase orders and billing, and create reports, but it can’t scale tickets into multiple systems.

The data transfer process is a perfect solution to use automation as a means to accelerate the flow, prevent errors, and complete projects on time. In an invoice capturing system, with the help of bots, data spooling is performed and stored in an accounting system via our virtual accounting interface and API in a required format, which helps invoices rest perfectly in different required systems.

These bots help automate routine processes, eliminate the risk of human error, and significantly improve SLAs, resulting in happier customers.

Some Key Features and Benefits of Scale Ticket Management Systems with RPA Solutions

  • Cost Reduction – When implemented correctly, the use of RPA technology can bring down the operational cost of a business by up to 30–50%.
  • Reducing Human Error – The use of RPA promotes high accuracy and eliminates the chances of human error.
  • Saving Time and Effort – Robots are more reliable than humans as they tirelessly work 24/7 without any interruptions.
  • Improve Productivity – Automating processes saves employees’ time and allows them to complete more tasks in less time.
  • Task Automation – Create more tickets and invoices in less time compared to manual ticketing.
  • Alert Notifications – If there is a violation in a rule-based process, bots send alert notifications to the users.

Results of Scale Ticket Management System with RPA Solutions

Time savings: This is a perfect example of how RPA aided the smooth running and rapid accomplishment of a project with better productivity and saved time and money.

Process: Assuming that for a human to add 100 items to an order, it would take around 2 hours, the bots perform it in half that time.

Generate Automated Invoice: This optimised solution boosts organisations’ and customers’ work with their waste collection, recycling, and invoicing scale tickets with automated data transfers in an impeccable and time-efficient manner.

Wrapping up!

Implementing an RPA solution in a weighbridge scale ticketing system can bring significant benefits by reducing errors, increasing efficiency, and enhancing overall operations. The use of RPA can automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and improve overall productivity. By automating tasks and optimising data management, the system can achieve higher accuracy, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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